Hitex Wholesale is a consumer returns marketplace based in Illinois selling a wide variety of goods both locally and nationwide.

Check out the online product catalog or schedule a visit to our warehouse.

We offer local pickup, local delivery (within 100 miles) and shipping.


What's the condition of the items?

Our pallets/boxes are divided into three categories: Returns, Salvage and Overstock. Returns pallets/boxes can have items in a variety of different conditions, which are unknown. Salvage pallets/boxes have items that have some sort of problem with them, including defective or damaged parts/components. Overstock pallet - Usually all items are Brand New. Overstocking, also called “surplus stock,” happens when stores purchase more product than they sell.

I don't need a whole pallet, can I buy just one item?

Unfortunately, as a wholesale marketplace we do not sell individual items.

Do I need an appointment to visit the warehouse?

Yes, we do ask you to set up an appointment with us. You can set up an appointment online or by phone.

Do I need a resale license/permit to buy a pallet?

No, you are not required to have a resale license/permit to buy any of our pallets or boxes. However, to qualify for a sales tax exemption on your purchase, you are required to show proof of a resale certificate from your state.

What can I expect if I buy a pallet/box from Hitex Wholesale? 

While we cannot guarantee or provide information on the potential condition of the items on a particular pallet, on average, based on the combined 10 years of industry experience we have, each pallet should contain around 80% of items in acceptable or better condition. 

If I want to resell the items on the pallet, how much money could I make? 

It depends on a number of factors, but mainly comes down to your expertise and experience working as a seller. If you are an experienced seller, you can likely expect a profit margin from 50%.

When do you receive new shipments? 

We do not have a set schedule for shipments. Subscrube to our newsletter and follow us on social media to get all updates and all arrivals of new shipments first. 



 +1 (331) 707-8050



Our address: 2090 Carboy Rd
Mt Prospect, IL 60056
(Entrance from the back of the building).